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  • Fajr

  • Dhuhr

  • Asr

  • Maghrib

  • Isha


Welcome to Al-ikhlas culture and education centre

‘Dedication, Sincerity and Unity’

Al Ikhlas Culture and Education Centre - established in February 2013. We were established purely for the sake of Allah (Almighty God), to fulfil the growing demand for education classes, a Friday and Ramadhan prayer space and other cultural/religious activities in Adamsdown. We seek to create a God Almighty centric, spiritually balanced, peaceful and prosperous Cardiff, where all communities respect each other and work together for the common good.

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Our Services

Our ambition is to enhance the building and need all the support we can get to realise this ambition, so donations are most welcome.

  • Prayer space

    Approximately 200 people (Men & Women)

  • Wudhu | Ablution

    Facilities for Men and Women

  • Establishment of Prayer

    5 daily prayers including Jumu’ah (Friday) prayers, Taraweeh (Ramadhan) and Eid prayers

  • Religious activities

    Both in Arabic and English

  • Islamic books access

  • Integration advice signposting

  • Clothing and equipment support

  • After school Madrasah for children during weekdays

  • Islamic advice signposting

    Muslims and non-Muslims

  • English language development support